The Weekend of a lifetime


It all started when…

Supercamp was founded in 1975 by adult and teen 4H Junior Leaders members to provide an exciting new leadership opportunity for teens, as well as a fun weekend camp for kids aged 9-13.  For $5 and a can of soup - Supercamp was born!


Our Mission

The Supercamp team strives to promote group acceptance and celebrate the uniqueness of every camper

We focus primarily on team-building and anti-bullying. However, that is not all we accomplish in our fun-filled weekend! We are strong advocates of Outdoor Education and hands-on experiential learning! We offer educational sessions throughout the weekend. 

While at camp, campers will have an opportunity to take part in our unique Pride Groups. This is our way of allowing campers to experience new things and meet new people! In these groups, campers will have an opportunity for achievement. They will feel a sense of importance and ultimately feel needed and welcomed by their peers.

We offer this program to youth for one reason: for kids to truly have fun!

By this we mean we want kids to feel needed and accepted in a group; to give them a sense of importance, and the opportunity for achievement.

Our goal is to improve the self-confidence of each camper by: 

  • Introducing each youth to experiences that encourage making new friends
  • Providing group activities which promote the development of group participation, cooperation, and citizenship
  • Offering sessions such as nature, drama, dance, outdoor recreation, folk games, team challenge, singing, canoeing, archery, crafts, and pride sessions, to meet the needs of each camper
  • Providing a highly qualified, well-trained (not to mention fun-loving) adult and counselor staff
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the experience

who can come to supercamp?

Anyone between the ages of 9-13 years of age is able to attend Supercamp!

Where do supercampers come from?

We have campers, staff and resource personnel that come from all over Ohio, Michigan, Indiana & more

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